Holidays...(All Seasons Included)

Each and every day we celebrate diversity and appreciate differences.

Ring the doorbell at our digs, (or knock really hard) and you can already smell the melting pot inside.
Enjoy our smorgasbord of turkey and pie, kneidels, quinoa, & dumplings too!

Welcome a Holiday token of affection in your home (or someone else's) and it will surely be a feast for the eyes!



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Sassy Silly Bunnies

Sassy Silly Bunnies

A one of a kind Sassy Silly Bunny (sitting approx. 12"). Dressed in cotton candy pastels and as sassy as they are silly!
Hand signed by Gretchen Wilson with custom personality available. Similar creations can be special ordered.

  • Price: $95.00

Somebunny Loves You

Somebunny Loves You

A One Of A Kind Sibling Soul (standing around 18"). When Somebunny loves might feel it in your heart. When Somebunny loves you, they show you like I do. A Little Soul with a soft cuddly bunny, vintage toy, and really cute shoes. It...

  • Price: $340.00

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